Animal Crossing 2

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4 stars

Ready to immerse yourself in the fairy-tale world of the animals that can talk and act like humans? Well, the only real human being here is you, which gives you certain privileges – for example, you become a head of this city! The creatures – furry and cute – are all happy to accept you and show you everything! Also, they are ready to show you the large city, teach you how to catch fish, plant trees, and gather valuable items all around. Make deals with the locals, gain money, enjoy your cooperation, and make this heavenly city even more amazing! Are you ready for a really unbelievable journey to a fantastic world? Get in then!
So, here you go. Right after you arrive to the city, the locals great you as if you were the most important person here. However, you don’t even have a house! Don’t worry, these lands are reach for materials and resources, so you will find them to build a house at no time. If not, visit the local expert – a raccoon who sells houses. Yes, as you will understand from the first minutes of the gameplay process, this heavenly place is amazing, but finance and business are integral parts of its everyday life. Enjoy being a head of the best city in the world!
The idea of the game is simple. No need to complete a mission and try hard to deal with the tasks. Relax, have a rest, enjoy yourself, communicate with the animals all around, gather items and materials, and more! Arrange everything around you and have fun! This is one of the most life simulators in the world and we bet that you will like it as well. Start with a small and simple house, then do your best and make it a real palace! Improve the city life, find friends, and arrange everything the way you want – the opportunities here are truly endless! Enjoy, the games from this cool series are free to play on this site. Ready? Start now!

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