Animal Crossing New Leaf

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New Leaf is the fourth part of a famous life simulator called Animal Crossing, the one where you become a guy that enters a fairy-tale world of talking animals. When you come to this mysterious and extremely bright city, the locals think that you are not just a regular tourist who you really are, but a head of the city they have been waiting for. You just cannot resist and pretend to be one at least for a while. All the parts of the series, as well as this one, encourage you to walk around the large city and explore its every corner! The idea is to gather various objects, solve puzzles (which are the tasks given by the locals), decorate the city, arrange your own dwelling, customize your outlook, and more! You can go to the lake and enjoy time catching fish or visit the local forest to gather some beautiful bugs.
The world here is rich for different valuable objects, from the natural materials to works of art that can be found right on the city streets and other places. Collect them all – chances are that you will sell them and get some money! Also, while the game seems so utopian, you cannot do anything with the loan system and necessity to support your living! This is a life simulator, after all! You will have to reestablish your dwelling, repair things when they get broken, pay your mortgage services, etc. All of these gameplay elements are pretty common for most parts of the game. But there are brand new features you can find in New Leaf only. For example, you will have to start your life in the city living in a small tent before you can build or buy a house. In addition, you will find new customization options that allow your hero change appearance the way you want. Enjoy numerous features when it comes to house design – choose furniture, add new decor elements, and make it as cozy as you want. Have fun and enjoy all the old and new opportunities that will make your playing experience unique and bright! Like all the other parts of the series, this one is available for free on our website, so you are welcome to enjoy it whenever you feel so. We are glad to present all of them to you in the online versions.

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