Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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Your friends from Animal Crossing are willing to spend some amazing time outdoors! As their helper, advisor, and organizer of all the events these furry cuties are so fond of, you are welcome to make their vacations really great. Are you ready? Then let’s get it started. In this truly unique part of the series, you will help your animals have a comfortable and enjoyable trip to a festival, recreation, or music event somewhere far from the noisy cities and towns. Whether you are willing to make a trendy catering with delicious food, line up the scene and invite a rock band, or even create a whole park for entertainment and recreation – you can do anything.
In this part of the series, you are going to design any environment for outdoor activities, be a camp with tents, music fest, or even an outdoor cafeteria. You have to start with inventing an idea and then – gathering the materials you need to implement your dream in life. You are the one to project, design, and build a place for the animals where they can entertain themselves and have fun! Choose the style, add some furniture for comfort! There are more than a thousand types of furniture here as well as more than three hundred of clothes items and accessories, so all of your fantasies and projects can become reality with just a couple of clicks. As a head of the animal city, you are expected to arrange every small detail of the environment and make your citizens happy! Do your best and of course – have fun together with them!
This part of the game will allow you to meet and communicate with more than a hundred of original character – all different, having their habits, and unique personalities. Some are adorable, the others are pretty strange, but all of them are absolutely amazing and you will surely love playing with them all! Have fun and enjoy your amazing animal city and camp!

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