Animal Crossing 3DS

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Animal Crossing is the series of life simulator where you are the only human being in the company of anthropomorphic animals. They live in a nice city, but one day, you visit this place and become one of them! The plot of all the games in the series depicts you as a character that accidentally turns into a head of the animal city because the creatures believe that you are the one – they have been waiting for a ruler to come and they are mistaken that you are him. However, without detailed investigations, you receive all the privileges of a city ruler and enjoy a new life in this bounty place!
The game has been initially launched for Nintendo 3DS, but now all PC users are free to play it online using their computers. On this site, you will find a free and full version of the game (all of its parts). Become the only human being in the world of talking animals, gather various things around the locations, use them as items for sale and decoration, etc. You are welcome to gain some money crafting things and selling them to other dwellers and even local museums. The game also has endless design opportunities – they are applied to both, character design and interior design. Some parts even allow you to rearrange the entire city or at least some of its parts. Enjoy the company of funny human-like animals always ready to communicate, cooperate, and play with you.
Enjoy your city full of adorable dwellers and take care of their everyday life as well as your own! You are a new head of this place, so make sure to arrange everything in the best way. Deal with financial questions, make the city as well as your own dwelling a really comfortable and nice place to live in. Your animals will be grateful for your decisions! Still, while you have a lot of opportunities to make everything around you look and feel perfect, there is no single mission you need to accomplish. The game allows you to enjoy an amazing and heaven-like environment. So get in and enjoy!

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