Animal Crossing Wild World

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This distant fantastic lands are inhabited with human-like animals that can talk and are glad to see you! What is more, they are happy to accept you as the only human dweller to their community and guess what? You will become the main person in this city! Take care of the citizens, enjoy various activities with them, like gardening and gathering. The game synchronizes with the time on the device you use when playing – whether a console or a computer. This means that you can play in the regime of the real time, enjoying the seasons and time of the day that changes while you play. The events in the game depend on the time – for example, when you plant a tree, you will have to wait for a couple of months to pass before you see them large and blossoming. What is more, this part of the game includes a multiplayer version, which means that you can travel to the villages and towns of other players and see what they are doing there.
As any other part of Animal Crossing, this one is an endless story where you don’t have a linear plot to follow. Instead, you are welcome to do everything in the real time and take the best decisions according to a current situation. You will cooperate with the locals, enjoy various activities together, and have fun. Communicate with different animals – all of them have unique personalities and are always ready to talk to you or to go fishing, for instance. You can collect different items to craft various objects, rearrange the environment, build and decorate your house, and more! Collect flora and fauna, find artworks, and make deals with citizens as well as the local museums. Have fun in Animal Crossing! The Wild World as well as the other parts of the series are all available on this website, so enjoy them for free!

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