Animal Crossing New Horizons

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This is the fifth part of the Animal Crossing series called New Horizons! Are you ready to spend your time in the beautiful town of amazing talking animals? Well, then you are welcome to meet them again. This time, however, you will play with them on the distant island. This part will surely amaze you with a range of new features and opportunities, like jumping across the river with a large stick, crafting, new mechanics, and camping design. The Japanese life simulator don’t stop surprising us with cool gameplay options and entertaining features you are welcome to try out right here and right now. The main element of the game stays the same – you have numerous options on how to communicate with adorable anthropomorphic animals.
The game also allows you to spend your time gathering numerous objects of different kinds. They can server as accessories, decorations for the island environment, and design elements of your own house. Just like the chapter of the game called Pocket Camp, this one allows you to craft various items with your hands, which means that you can turn the materials and objects you find around into pieces of furniture and other useful things. You can use everything you find on the island to make the place you live in look really beautiful! Also, you are welcome to change the way your character looks like – the customization options are pretty vast here as well. From the beginning of the game, you will have an initial outlook and the gender you choose. However, everything else can be readjusted in the process of playing. For example, not only you can choose some new clothes that will definitely change your style. Also, you can change the haircut and even customize the traits of character’s face to your liking. Even though you have to choose the gender from the start, all the hairstyles, clothes, and face traits are not tied to a particular one – whether you play for a girl or a boy, you are welcome to pick anything from the list. Also, you can choose and change the color of your skin if you want to. The field for experiments with your appearance is truly endless! Make the character as well as his/her dwelling look the way you want!

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