Animal Crossing Update

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Welcome to the utopian city of animals, where you are going to find your new home! This life simulator was created by a Japanese game company and you will surely see the Asian traits there. The game presents you with a beautiful and bright place, where anthropomorphic creatures – cats, dogs, sheep, deer, and others – live their calm and happy life. When you visit this city for the first time, they become excited – a human being has never visited their city! As a representative of human race, you are invited to rule the city and decide the serious questions, as well as to arrange your life in a place that is so different from any other you could see on Earth.
From the first day of your life in Animal Crossing, you are welcome to take care of everything that happens in this city. You will come up with a name for this place, invent the infrastructure, and even prescribe some key phrases to its dwellers. Also, not only you will have to take care of the way things are arranged in a city, but also you will own a house to design. The room is pretty modest from the beginning, but while you move forward in the game and earn money for your activities, you can freely buy yourself some furniture and decorations. The activities that will bring you money are exciting and pleasant. For example, you can gather valuable shells on the seashore or catch some rare bugs. Some dwellers throw out interesting things and you can pick them to sell on the market. The local museums will gladly accept paintings and fossil residues found by you in the local areas. Have fun while getting some money and arranging a happy life! You will also take care of your appearance – buy yourself some cool clothes, accessories, do a nice hairstyle and look like a real head of the city!
The local animals are mostly friendly and helpful. They live their own lives and almost everyone has something unique to do. There are dogs-songwriters that have concerts in the halls, for example. You will meet unique characters that are not present in all parts of the game, as well as the ordinary ones that simply live their peaceful lives in a city. Some of them will join you when you are doing some habitual stuff like collecting things. The others have tasks for you – complete them if you want to. Still other will gladly talk to you whenever you want. You can influence their lives to a certain extent, but all of these creatures are free to do whatever they want, even to leave the town when they feel so. Have fun with human-like animals and share joy with them!

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